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Sprezzatura Whitepapers

Our whitepaper section was deprecated in favour of our blog section but to make things easier to read off line we will be combining related blog entries into whitepapers for download here.

Please check the blog and announcements window on the main page for details of new whitepapers added to this page.

Technical Bulletin 1 - OpenInsight for Workgroups Window Structures

Despite being nearly two decades old Sprezzatura's exploration of the structure of SYSREPOSWIN records remains largely accurate and continues to be an invaluable resource for individuals wishing to understand the complex structures contained within the uncompiled window.

Technical Bulletin 2 - OpenInsight for Workgroups Compiled Window Structures

Like with its predecessor Technical Bulletin 1, this documentation of the structure of SYSREPOSWINEXES  records remains the definitive reference. It is likely that both of these documents will be revisited for OpenInsight X which will be extending the existing structures quite significantly whilst retaining backwards compatibility.

OpenInsight Coding Standards - OpenInsight Coding Standards

With an average of 30 years programming experience each the principal software engineers at Sprezzatura have learnt a fair bit about programming in OpenInsight.

Here, published for the first time outside the company is the essential style guide for OpenInsight programmers. Normally provided as a mandate for Sprezzatura employees and subcontractors this document distils those decades of wisdom into an easily accessible manifesto.

There are circles of hell reserved for those who spurn the admonitions contained herein.

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