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Sprezzatura Products and Utilities

Sprezzatura Products and Utilities to make Application Development easier.

Over the years we have built a small library of programs, utilities and odd bits of code that we have designed and developed to aid our own application development projects. Some remain for in-house use only, however from time to time we invest in the program, refine it, document it and release it to the Revelation Developer Community. Some are free and some are not - much depends on the time taken to develop the program and the commercial value at the time of release.

We will be updating this section shortly with more information about the product range which includes:

  • S/List - provides developers and users with advanced reporting functionality based on R/List.
  • S/Merge - ARev merge facility for OpenInsight.
  • S/Socket - a 32-bit DLL that enables a developer to include basic TCP/IP communications to a server in their applications.
  • S/QBF - replaces native OpenInsight QBF with a more functional equivalent boasting AREV compatibility.
  • S/Mail - permits emailing directly from AREV/OI to a MAPI client, as well as faxing.
  • S/EventLog - Enables the updating of the Windows Event Log programmatically.
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