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Pay Per Call Support

"Pay Per Call" technical support gives answers when you need them! It is designed to provide technical support for users who do not want to pay up front for a service they may never use.

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What is it?


Sprezzatura "Pay Per Call" support is designed to provide technical support for users who do not want to pay up front for a service they may never use, or may never get answers from. It is not designed to replace a dedicated support line, nor is it designed to provide another conduit for bug reports. Rather, it provides a link to some of the world's leading RevSoft Product Experts so that you can get answers when you need them!

How does it work?

Firstly you email the Sprezzatura support address. This ensures that your problem is seen by the maximum number of people within the Sprezzatura group. We will then respond with the answer and we will log the fact that you have used a support unit. At the end of the month, the appropriate Sprezzatura office will invoice you or charge your credit card - whichever you have agreed. You will be invoiced for "Support Units" where one support unit is a time period of 15 minutes. The minimum time billed is one unit. If the problem will take more than 2 support units to answer then you will be warned of this so that you may opt for us not to proceed.

We recommend that if you are asking a simple question, that you try to combine it with one or two other simple questions so that you may receive maximum possible value for money.

Who answers my questions?

The people who deal with you call are amongst the most respected in the Revelation community and between them have an average of at least 15 years multivalued experience each.

What response do Sprezzatura guarantee?

As this is an email service response should be pretty much instantaneous within office hours. At weekends it may stretch to a couple of hours. If we don't respond and you find the answer then just drop us another mail to cancel the original so that we don't bill you.

What are your terms?

Our terms of business are 30 days net. We reserve the right to withhold support services if in arrears.

How do I sign up?

Simply write, fax or email to us and let us know if you want to pre-purchase a block, or just sign up!

Any further questions?

Please feel free to email us - we're only too pleased to help.


Support is provided in 15 minute units, with a minimum of 1 unit.

Unit prices vary from country to country so for details please contact us.

If time is pre-purchased in blocks of 25 units, the block is provided at the cost of 20 units.

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