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Who we are

Andrew Desk

Sprezzatura is an independent consultancy dedicated to delivering quality custom database applications to a diverse range of clients. We work all over the world and are just as at home writing complex web based medical applications as we are at creating feature rich financial applications. The thing that sets us apart from other businesses is our capacity to take on board the requirements of your particular business and to deliver software that meets your needs both on time and within budget.

We're appalled by the code bloat that seems to characterise most custom development jobs. If all you require is a departmental solution then you shouldn't be looking at a six figure sum to develop it. We specialise in delivering solutions that work from day one - without your needing to employ a specialist Database Administrator. The well established development environment we use for most of our deliverables features a self contained database. This database grows automatically to meet your requirements without requiring any routine maintenance. You can focus on running your business whilst our software gets on with managing your data.

Sprezzatura have been in business since the Eighties and have specialised in the use of Revelation's product range from Revelation G through to the latest OpenInsight release. We've developed such a reputation for excellence in this field that we're even employed by Revelation themselves to make changes to the internals of the products - so our knowledge of the architecture of OpenInsight is second to none.

Our Experience

We've worked in the following industries

  • Medical (Private and NHS)
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Telecoms
  • Brokerage
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Charity
  • Membership
  • Education
  • Bibliography
  • Couriers
  • Museums
  • Recruitment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Law
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