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VERBatim - V16

An alternative Editor. For those of you familiar with Revelation G2.B, this is the old EDIT/ED. For those of you who have never had the privilege of working with RevG, this is a line editor with some useful features for quick program editing.

It can be useful to use this editor is string space is at a premium due to memory resident software. It takes nearly 3K less space on the program stack and as it does not use VSPACE it saves a lot of space on screen storage (generally at least the length of the program again).

To use this editor, create a VOC entry with your chosen name (E.G. ED) and give it the following structure

                    0001 VERB2
                    0003 VERBS
                    0004 V16

To conserve valuable space, I present below a command summary and refer you to the Release G manuals (EDITOR G-31 and preceding) for further information.

   Command   Description

   A           Repeat previous Locate
   B           Goto bottom of current record
   C           Print Ruler underneath current line. (Useful for establishing
               character positions)
   DEn         Delete n lines. Omitting the n deletes the current line
   EX          Exit without saving
   EXT         Exit select list
   FI          File
   FIC         File and compile
   FS          File and continue
   FD          Delete record
   Gn          Goto line n
   I           Start inserting at current line
   Ln          List n lines
   Ln/string   Locate string in next n lines
   MEn1/rec/n2 Merge n1 lines from record rec in the same file, starting at
               line n2. If rec is omitted (n1//n2), use current record
   Nn          Down n lines
   P           Programmable command. By default is L20. To reprogram just
               type Lx where x is the command string E.G. L R99/end/END/
   PC          Convert record to DOS format
   RA          Repeat previous replace
   Rn/str1/str2 Replace srt1 with str2 over next n lines. To insert at
               beginning of line use Rn//text_to_insert. To append to a line
               use Rn/ /text_to_append (where / / is more spaces than the
               largest amount of white space on the line. To replace a line
               just use R then type in the new line. To remove occurrences
               of text from a string use Rn/text//
   REV         Convert to REV format
   T           Goto top
   Un          Up n lines

Note that the HELP command and the TEXT command do not work (as the help record is not present and RTEXT no longer exists). TEXT will in fact bomb out with an 'RTEXT' not catalogued' message. For a simple replacement for RTEXT see the next issue of REVMEDIA. Once the code example given is entered and catalogued, TEXT will work again.

(Volume 1, Issue 5, Pages 7,8)
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