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VERBatim - V6

The SET-OPTIONS command. Available options are as follows -

    C    cut off symbol table on compilation suppress page eject on COPY
    D    delete option on copy enter debugger immediately on
    E    suppress page eject to printer suppress error messages on COPY
    I    to DOS format on COPY expand any $INSERT on BLIST
    L    cut off linemarks on compilation suppress | on BLIST
    N    new record inhibit on COPY suppress paging include system files on
    O    with overwrite on COPY resolve char flags and page breaks on MERGE
         Limits records to those specified by another option on LISTFILES
    P    to printer
    R    to REVELATION format on COPY
    S    error message suppression
    T    to terminal
    U    displays used files at top of list in LISTFILES
    W    write immediate mode for G2.B ROS filing system save QFILE synonym
    X    generate code on list copy into HEX format strip char flags and
         page breaks on MERGE display Qfiles at the top of the list in
    ( )  clear options

The following options are not supported

    A    display keys on copy a la G2.B include system files in LISTFILES
    B    save screen image on RUN
    F    output to file on MERGE
    K    kill line numbers on COPY
(Volume 1, Issue 5, Pages 5,6)
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