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Reader's Clinic - Fixing %Windows% Using Depend.Update

Ken Fidler of Syntex Ltd writes "I have accidentally corrupted my %WINDOWS% record in the dictionary of one of my files. My backup is also corrupt. How can I fix this? "

With Release 1.13, RevTech added a new feature designed to keep templates in track with dictionaries when fields were changed that symbolics relied upon. It did this by maintaining information in the template itself and by maintaining a record called %WINDOWS% in the dictionary of the files thus affected. At the same time RevTech added routines to support this, including the routine DEPEND.UPDATE which is a TCL command. To ensure that your %WINDOWS% is up to date in all files, at TCL type


substituting your template file name for TEMPLATES. This will scan the Templates file and update all associated %WINDOWS% records in the relevant files.

If DEPEND.UPDATE responds, "DEPEND.UPDATE has not been catalogued", then CATALOG DEPEND.UPDATE in VERBS (it has a standard RBASIC type catalog pointer not a VERB pointer).

(Volume 1, Issue 8, Page 3)
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