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Utility Diskette # 3 - Part II

Continued from Utility Diskette # 3 - Part I

If any additional routines have documentation in this file, the routines are marked with a


         BANNER     Provides MSG type A replacement - displays text in a
                    scrolling banner until user presses a key.

     BTREE_SCAN      User defined function to display a Btree index (with
                    associated information) for a given field in a popup,
                    positioning the user at a user defined location within
                    the popup and permitting navigation of the index
                    backwards and  forwards. Supports full POPUP

        CAPLOCK     Assembler subroutine passed 1 to turn capslock on or 0
                    to turn capslock off

        COLOUR$     An equated insert block with 256 possible colour
                    combinations. Makes it possible to print CYAN_ON_DBLUE$

            CRC      User defined function to calculate a 16-bit CRC for a

         DOSENV     Assembler subroutine, passed variable to contain dos
                    environment settings. Returns dos environment settings
                    CHAR(0) delimited.

        FLIPTAB     Swaps key assignments for Tabs providing more
                    traditional tabbing.

         FTOSTR     Used to force cleanup of descripter() by passing number
                    through internal NUMBER TO STRING CONVERSION (and
                    thereby adjusting floating point internal precision to
                    correspond with presented and evaluated representation).

        GAS_BAR     Amended version of GAS_BAR to fix some screen corruption

        GET.DOS     Assembly language subroutine to return the current DOS

  LABEL.DISPLAY     Comprehensive label manipulation program for use within
                    windows. Permits redisplay, removal, restoration,
                    recalculation, colour changes et al.

    LCFUNCTIONS     Equate block to replace labelled common area (due to be
                    adopted in future releases of 2.1).

    LCPOSITIONS     Equate block to replace labelled common area (due to be
                    adopted in future releases of 2.1).

        NOVUSER     Assembly language subroutine to return the current
                    Novell user name.

        NUMLOCK     Assembler subroutine passed 1 to turn numlock on or 0 to
                    turn numlock off.

    NUM_TO_WORD     Converts passed integer to word string.

   PERCENT_DONE     GAS_BAR equivalent for FOR/NEXT loops.

           PLAY     A subroutine to emulate the GWBASIC PLAY statement.
                    Permits the setting of tempos, octaves, notes etc.

          ROMAN     User defined function to take Arabic numbers and convert
                    to Roman.

          ROUND     Simple rounding function.

         ROUND2     More complex user defined conversion for rounding.

          RTP25     Example use of replacement RTP25 to show the user
                    different debugger screen. (Note that replacement RTP25
                    routines ought to avoid the use of higher level routines
                    such as MSG to avoid being caught in infinite loops -
                    PRINT is preferred - Ed).

  SELECT_BROWSE      Allows operator to select desired record in browse
                    list and to reposition the current browse list pointer
                    at the selected record.

   SPREZ.DEMO.a     Series of routines provided to illustrate complex window
                    processing. Well documented internally. Shows how to use
                    LABEL.DISPLAY, ROUND2, FTOSTR.

       WRITEAMT     The WRITEAMT function converts a number < 99 trillion
                    into its written out form in dollars and cents, suitable
                    for writing checks. It stops with an error if the number
                    input is too large or contains alphabetic characters.
                    The input number (NUM.IN) is assumed to be in MD2

      XLATE_IND     User defined conversion subroutine to make direct
                    accesses to an associated file's index for verification
                    or display.


      AUTOGRAPH      A shareware version of a simple graphing utility for
                    AREV. Displays line graphs and bar charts. If used on a
                    network can be instructed to auto-refresh every X
                    seconds. Ideal for use in financial applications.

         BANNER      A .EXE file designed to replace the REVLOMSG with ANY
                    PCX graphic file. Included also are several sample PCX
                    files. Requires careful installation so refer to the
                    on-disk docs. Remember that RevTech might consider the
                    non-display of copyright messages a violation of licence

            PAL      A .EXE file which is used in conjunction with the
                    provided subroutines and entry windows to adjust the
                    palette within AREV to that of your choice. Norton
                    Control Centre comes to AREV!

        POWER_G      A .EXE file which permits the display of a PCX graphic
                    from within AREV and displays up to four buttons which
                    the user can select with a mouse or Alt-Key combination
                    - returning a code to AREV! Thus a PCX map of the world
                    could be shown and the user allowed to pick one of four
                    continents. Control would then be returned to AREV which
                    could then display a map of the continent with the four
                    major countries etc etc. This is a limited but fully
                    working example of a graphics project we are seriously
                    considering taking further.


     WILLY WORM     An arcade style game involving a growing worm, power
                    pellets and sudden death! Excellent use of VSPACE and


       CANONLBP      Printer Driver definition for AREV 2.1

        _COMMON     Attaches to macro key to display popup of all
                    AREV.COMMON variables within a window

        HPLJET2      Printer Driver Definition for AREV 2.1.

    INSERT_CODE      Makes writing programs easier. Uses a macro to insert
                    common blocks of code into a program. Caters for file
                    opens, popups standard headers etc al and can be

       MENUUTIL      Adds four softkeys onto the makemenu window to permit
                    resorting, combining, duplicating and reordering menu


        DOS2REV      Converts DOS file of any size having CRLF delimiters
                    to @FM delimited.

           HP66     Sets 8 LPI on a Laserjet

           HPII     Sets compressed portrait on Laserjet

       HPIILAND     Sets compressed landscape on Laserjet (great for code

        HPRESET     Resets Laserjet

        REV2DOS      Converts DOS file of any size having @FM delimiters to
                    CRLF delimited.
(Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 6-9)
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