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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_Is%

The current prompt information. Loaded by the system before any prompt processes occur and thus available from the default process onwards. It may be used in any process other than the edit pattern. In the edit pattern, @ANS is used instead, as WC_IS% generally contains the data as it was before the modifications requiring that the calling of the edit pattern were made. (Incidentally as edit patterns do not have to use Window_Common%, they may be developed for use outside of windows.)

The contents of WC_IS% vary depending upon prompt type, in Edit @ANS always contains only the current line, regardless of whether SV, MV, AMV, or TXT.

         SV             Entire field
         SV in Edit     Entire field before change made
         MV             Entire field including @VMs
         MV in edit     Entire field before change made
         AMV            Current line of MV
         AMV in edit    Current line of MV before change made
         TXT            Entire field including @TMs
         TXT in edit    Entire field including @TMs before change made
(Volume 3, Issue 4, Page 15)
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