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@ATTACK - @File.Error

A dynamic array with three values. Used in passing information from MFSs/BFSs back to the calling program, thus releasing the MFS/BFS from the responsibility of coping with file io errors under all situations.

         <1>  Message Number
         <2>  Standard Error Parameters
         <3>  Additional Error Parameters

For further information see p49 of the Advanced Revelation 2.0 Quick Reference Guide and assorted Technical Bulletins.

NB It has frequently been the case in the past that MFSs/BFSs would make calls to MSG to indicate the current state of activity. With Release 2.0 this can destroy the integrity of the file io operation as MSG (and other system subroutines) change the contents of @FILE.ERROR. To ensure complete safety therefore, all calls to MSG from a BFS/MFS should save the contents of @FILE.ERROR (and to be on the safe side STATUS()) before the call and restore it after the call. Can be amended.

(Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 10,11)
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