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QTIPS - Merge Shortcuts

Users of MERGE will find the following shortcuts useful when entering text fields

  {Alt-F9}    ® Begin Macro
  {Alt-F10}   ¯ End Macro
  {Alt-F}     ®FORMAT¯ Enable default format for paragraph
  {Alt-U}     ®UNFORMAT¯ Disable default format for paragraph
  {Alt-I}     ®IF¯ Begin conditional text block
  {Alt-L}     ®ELSE¯ Begin alternate text block
  {Alt-E}     ®ENDIF¯ End conditional/alternate text block
  {Alt-P}     ®PAGE¯ Force new page
  {Alt-S}     ®SPECIAL¯ Insert special text
  {Alt-V}     ®VBLOCK¯ Begin multi-value block
  {Alt-K}     ®END.BLOCK¯ End multi-value block
  {Alt-H}     ®VBLOCK.HEAD¯ Define start of Vblock header
  {Alt-C}     ®CENTER¯ Centre line of unformatted paragraph
  {Alt-N}     ®ENDCENTER¯ End Centreing of lines
  {Alt-R}     ®RIGHT¯ Right justify remainder of unformatted line
  {Alt-J}     ®PARA¯ Force paragraph without space
  {Alt-W}     ®DBLSPC¯ Double space
  {Alt-A}     ®PARA.INDENT¯ Paragraph indent control.
(Volume 2, Issue 2, Page 3)
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