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@ATTACK - @Last.Error

Variable set by the system to indicate the success or failure of various operations. This variable can have a number of values depending upon the operation responsible for its assignment. The values returned relate to record keys of items found in the file REVERROR.000. The most common values begin with B (for compiler errors) or D (for debugger errors). The two most commonly used are B0 compilation successful) and B10 (compilation aborted).

This variable can be used in determining the success of an operation such as a compilation under program control, eg

0002      BEGIN CASE
0003         CASE @LAST.ERROR = "B0"
0004           GOSUB OK
0005        CASE @LAST.ERROR = "B10"
0006           GOSUB BAD_STATEMENT
0007        CASE @LAST.ERROR = "B113"
0008           GOSUB TERM_MISSING
0009      etc.

Cannot be amended.

(Volume 2, Issue 3, Page 10)
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