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Field mark delimited list of the current escape sequences for the colour attributes of the help windows. The structure of the list is as follows

     < 1 >     Border
     < 2 >     Title
     < 3 >     Background
     < 4 >     Highlighted text colour
     < 5 >     Selected text colour (Ctrl-B)
     < 6 >
     < 7 >
     < 8 >     Text
     < 9 >     Border Type (integer)
     < 10 >    Current background setting with background position set to
               fore-ground.(See WINDOW.POINTERS in UTILITY.PROGS)

Note that all of the colour sequences here omit the background byte, having in its place a CHAR(127). The background byte is incorporated when the byte sequence is used. Can be amended.

(Volume 2, Issue 3, Page 9)
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