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@ATTACK - @Rollout.File

The name of the file to be used for the SUSPEND operation. Note that this is not created in a unique fashion for individual workstations (unlike View Files) and so if SUSPEND is used on a network, care must be taken to ensure that the rollout filenames are unique.

This may be done using the system subroutine ROLLOUT. This routine looks for the name of the ROLLOUT file to use as the second word of @SENTENCE. Thus the following code could be used to individualise the rollout files at login

0001        IF @STATION THEN
0002           * Only do this on a network
0003           ROLL_FILE = @STATION "R#8"
0004           ROLL_FILE : = ".ROF"
0005           @SENTENCE = " . " : ROLL_FILE
0006           CALL ROLLOUT
0007        END

To check the current setting of the rollout file, type ROLLOUT at TCL. Can be amended.

(Volume 2, Issue 6, Page 8)
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