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QTIPS - NoRead

A reader queried how a template could be modified before display without modifying the file copy of the template. If @PSEUDO is loaded with the template record, and WINDOW is called with the literal NOREAD in the command line, the template will be read from @PSEUDO rather than file. The value of @PSEUDO could then be changed using FIELDSTORE before CATALYST was called, for example to change a title before display -

0002    @PSEUDO = FIELDSTORE(@PSEUDO,CHAR(247),6,1,"Test")

Note - when using NOREAD a template name MUST still be given (this can be anything as it seems only to be used to keep position within @SENTENCE). Further the sixth "field" (delimited using CHAR(247)s, ie the title) MUST contain something otherwise the system will display an error message and return.

(Volume 2, Issue 8, Pages 4,5)
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