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Adding Quickdex/Rightdex Indexes Programmatically

Later releases of AREV have a routine provided called QUICKDEXER which permits the addition/removal of Quickdexes and Rightdexes to files from within an RBASIC program. QUICKDEXER takes four parameters and is called as a subroutine i.e.


The Parameters are as follows

     FILE     The name (NB not file variable) of the file to add the index

     TYPE     "Q" for Quickdex or "R" for Rightdex

     ACTION   0 to add the index (you will be asked whether you wish to
              update the QUICKDEX/RIGHTDEX now). 1 will remove the index
              (without a confirmation message).

     FLAG     Returns status of operation. Returns a variety of values,
              those identified thus far are

                0    Successful
                1    Invalid "Type" passed
                3    Quickdex already installed
                4    Rightdex already installed

              In addition there are various errors conforming to the new
              @FILE.ERROR specification.
(Volume 2, Issue 9, Page 4)
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