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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_Amv%

Identifies all Associated Multi Value sets or those single Multi Values that have been "Grouped" with themself (for ease of reference both cases will be referred to as AMVs).

An @FM delimited array with each field corresponding to a different AMV set. Within the field, the prompt numbers making up the AMV are listed delimited by @VMs. Note that these numbers correspond to the prompting position within a window, not to the field number. To establish the prompt position when painting or in a window, press Alt-A. E.g.

0001    WC_Amv% = 3:@VM:4 :@FM: 6 :@FM: 9:@VM:10:@VM:11

In the above example the screen has three AMVs, prompts 3 and 4 (a true AMV), prompt 6 (a grouped MV) and prompts 9 10 and 11.

Note that the group numbers assigned in PAINT have absolutely no meaning or precedence, they are used solely to distinguish between different associated groups of MVs. To show this, paint a window and assign two groups, arbitrarily 4 and 6. Save the window and repaint it, the numbers will have been set to 1 and 2.

(Volume 2, Issue 9, Page 8)
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