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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_Amv_Vars%

A set of parameters maintained for each AMV group (being defined as AMV above) comprising an @FM delimited array with each field corresponding to a different AMV set. Within the field, the AMV parameters are delimited by @VMs. There are four MVs -

         1    AMV.DISPLAY$ - The MV to start at when entering the AMV group.
              If this were set to 3, line 3 of the AMV group would be the
              top line on entry into the prompt. The screen display is not,
              however,  always updated accordingly. Note that the prompt
              resets the value to 1 upon exit. It is not wise to set this
              within the AMV group as the screen display becomes confused.
              This is primarily used when scrolling through MVs in a window,
              in the situation where the first line of the visible MVs is
              not the first MV (i.e. the others have scrolled off screen).
              AMV.DISPLAY$ will record the MV number of the top line of the
              display. This information could be used to optimise the
              calculation of on- screen material dependent on displayed MVs.

         2    AMV.WIDTH$ - A count of how many prompts are in the AMV group.

         3    AMV.DEPTH$ - A count of how many MVs are currently in the
              controlling MVed field.

         4    AMV.MAX$ - The maximum amount of rows permitted for the group.
              When the maximum is exceeded a carriage return will
              automatically be inserted to take the user on to the next
              prompt. If no maximum is specified in Paint this will be set
              to 65535.
              Note that as this is a parameter stored in the WC_Amv_Var%
              variable, "Row Limit" will only work for grouped MVs. So
              single MVs wishing to use this feature must be grouped with
              themself. Note further that the window will ignore this
              parameter unless it is put on the controlling multi value in
              the group - it does not need to be on any others.

         5    AMV.LINER$ - Does not seem to be used.

As a side point, some subscribers have queried whether it is safe to use @TUTOR to see if a window is currently active (when a window is active, they argue, @TUTOR = "WINDOW"). The AMV group is an example of why this might not be a wise course. When in an AMV group @TUTOR is actually set to AMV.WINDOW.

(Volume 2, Issue 9, Pages 10,11)
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