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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_Delim%

The ASCII value to be used by SCRIBE as the delimiter when prompting for input. Note that this is normally set to the following values

         Key                      Null
         SV prompt                CHAR(253)
         MV prompt                CHAR(253)
         Ctrl-E'd SV/MV prompt    CHAR(252)
         Text prompt              CHAR(251)

The existence of a value in WC_DELIM% indicates to the system that Ctrl-E (to drop the delimiter a level) is possible. Thus Ctrl-E on a normal prompt drops DELIM to CHAR(252). Ctrl-E again drops WC_DELIM% to CHAR(251). To indicate that Ctrl-E is not permitted in a prompt, set WC_DELIM% to null. If the user then presses Ctrl-E the system will respond with a W812 ("Subvalues are not allowed") message.

(Volume 3, Issue 1, Pages 9,10)
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