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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_Viewer_Env%

A field mark delimited array having four values. When the user presses Alt-V in a window they are shown an R/List sentence builder - anything built here will be executed upon pressing F9. If the file mentioned in this R/List statement is the same as that of the current window, any active browse list will be used in the list statement. WC_Viewer_Env% is used by the Alt-V processor in windows to determine the processing characteristics of the RLIST sentence modifier.

         < 1 >  Any word here will be treated as the key to a record in the
                queries file. When the user presses Alt-V the query of this
                name will be retrieved and the user will be presented with
                this query in the modify R/List sentence window. They may
                then amend this as they choose.
         < 2 >  If a replacement R/List sentence builder code and command is
                specified in the F10 Customise window in Paint then the Code
                will be stored here.
         < 3 >  The corresponding command to < 2 >
         < 4 >  The last R/List statement used if one has been used in this
                window session. (This could be programmatically altered to
                change the R/List sentence the user sees upon pressing
(Volume 3, Issue 10, Page 13)
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