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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_Vprev%

The Vspace image for the screen as it was before the window was invoked. Note that although this is nearly identical to a Video.Rw image variable it cannot be used without some pre-processing as each VSPACE image contains a 25 byte header block.

If it is desired to redisplay the background using the VPrev variable one would use a section of code similar to the following.

0001      Subroutine Display_VPrev
0002        $Insert Include, Window_Common%
0003        Declare Function Video.Rw
0004        CrtW = Seq(WC_VPrev%[3,1] - 1
0005        CrtH = Seq(WC_VPrev%[5,1]) - 1
0006        Img = WC_Prev%[26,10000]
0007        OK = Video.Rw(0, 0, CrtW, CrtH, "W", Img)
0008      Return

(Volume 3, Issue 10, Page 14)
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