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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_FreeForm%

A field mark delimited array having 10 values containing any of the definitions that have been set up to be used when the Alt-P (Print Formatted Screen) option is chosen. This is normally null unless specifically set in paint F10, More, Form Parameters. It has the following structure

               < 1 > Records Across
               < 2 > Records Down
               < 3 > Record Order
               < 4 > Heading
               < 5 > Footing
               < 6 > Columns between records
               < 7 > Rows between records
               < 8 > Top margin
               < 9 > Left margin
               < 10 > Options

Note that this structure does not duplicate that of the collector window used to gather the information.

(Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages 14,15)
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