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QTIPS - Reusing Symbolics in Windows

One of the most commonly used symbolics in windows is

0002         IF WC_XCNT% > 1 THEN
0003            @ANS = WC_RING_PTR% : " of " : WC_XCNT%
0004            @ANS := " - Alt-F Forward  Alt-B Backward"
0005         END ELSE
0006            @ANS = ""
0007         END

It seems excessive to have to include this in the dictionary of every file that needs it just so that it can be included in the window.

To circumvent this problem, put the symbolic in the dict of VOC and put a dummy symbolic into the template where the browse message ought to appear. Once the template has been saved, edit it and replace the dummy symbolic name with the name of the symbolic in the dict of VOC. This will now work as required (until the window is repainted - when this happens the procedure will need to be repeated). This works because as previously mentioned in REVMEDIA, if RTP27 cannot find what it wants in @DICT it looks in the dict of VOC. By extension this should work wherever {} are used.

(Volume 3, Issue 2, Page 5)
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