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Utility Diskette # 3 - Part I

To ensure that the latest diskette is given the attention it deserves the contents are outlined below. See on-disk documentation for version compatibility and author information. The diskette consists of a group of AREV files on the root directory in account global (DISKETTE_THREE_BP, DISKETTE_THREE_DOCS, DISKETTE_THREE_HELP, DISKETTE_THREE_MACROS, DISKETTE_THR EE_MENUS, DISKETTE_THREE_TEMPLATES). There are three subdirectories, DOS, GRAPHICS and PROBANK. DOS contains some DOS specific utilities, GRAPHICS contains a complete set of graphics related C programs and PROBANK contains a shareware graphing utility we are pleased to include for your trial. Additional documentation on the GRAPHICS and PROBANK subdirectories can be found in DISKETTE_THREE_DOCS. If any additional routines have documentation in this file, the routines are marked with a Note that in keeping with our policy, source code is provided for all AREV routines and most of the assembler routines. As there was so much code the diskette has been "PAKed" - see the on-diskette README files for details of how to extract the information.


       ACCTVIDE     Change Account Video from Colour to Monochrome and vice

          ASCII     Popup ASCII chart including non-printable characters.

   BCS.EDIT.DOS      Used in conjunction with macro keys to facilitate
                    moving records between DOS and AREV.

  BCS.FIND.TEXT      Fully featured text search facility - permits
                    definitions of files to search, case sensitivity et al.
                    Uses two templates.

    BCS.GRAPHIC      Used in conjunction with macro keys to facilitate the
                    addition of graphics (box characters) into a template.

       BCS.SORT      A front end to the use of V119 (the sort processor) in
                    extended mode.

            BOX     Permits the user to draw boxes on windows simply by
                    moving the cursor keys. Intelligent intersection
                    handling and user defined colours and box types.
                    Optimises the label image to ensure that minimum space
                    is taken on disk. Copes with large virtual windows.
                    Useful keystrokes include <Enter> to toggle drawing
                    mode, <F2> to change box type and <Ctrl-U/D/L/R> for
                    "fast draw" mode. 386/486 users might like to put a
                    delay loop into the code for "fast draw".

         CHOOSE      A TCL "Select" processor. Allows the user to view a
                    popup of records in a file and tag them for return as an
                    active select list.

     CLEANMEDIA     Deletes orphaned DOS REV files.

       CLEANVOC     Deletes orphaned VOC entries.

COPY.MANY.FILES     Supporting routine for collector window of same name.
                    Provides ability to batch filecopies.

     FIELD.MOVE     Allows TCL update of field contents without SQL.

        FIND.BP     Routine to search for a string in a file.

             FW     Routine to find a string in a file. Object code only.

           HPII      Permits the control of an HPII Laserjet from TCL.

          HPIII      Permits the control of an HPIII Laserjet from TCL.

      MENU.TREE     Prints menu tree for system

       MOVEACCT     Moves all base files for an account from REVBOOT to a
                    nominated volume and creates unique user records.

  OUTPUT_VIEWER      Utility to view and selectively print pages of reports
                    re-directed to an ASCII file using the PDISK command.
                    Excellent demonstration of the use of VSPACE.

        PALETTE     Displays a colour palette and permits the user to read
                    off the AREV and DOS video attributes for a particular
                    colour combination.

         POPCAL      Multi function popup calendar.

 PRINT_TEMPLATE      Prints a screen template layout for subsequent capture
                    for documentation purposes.

  REBUILD.INDEX     Permits the rebuilding of indexes from TCL.

            REN      Permits the renaming of records with a simple TCL
                    statement. Includes the ability to rename $, * and VOC
                    pointers with a simple command line modifier.

          SCALC     Programmable scientific calculator with just about
                    everything you could want from a calculator including
                    the ability to write your own routines to hook into the
                    calculator. It even copes with imaginary numbers!

           SCAN     Displays scan codes for entered keystrokes in an
                    on-screen window.

       SKELETON     Updated version of routine to generate commuter code for
                    templates. Includes support for 2.1 features, better
                    support for commuter windows and support for lower case
                    code and WINDOW_COMMON%.

       SNAPSHOT      Sophisticated routine for taking pictures of AREV

       USERVIDE     Change User Video from Colour to Monochrome and vice

        VOLTRNS      This program will change the Media name and/or the
                    Account for the file in a volume - and will modify the
                    index definitions for any indexed files in that volume,
                    thus indexes will not have to be rebuilt when redefining
                    a volume's Media or Account.

        WINDONE     Closes window after save if called with an explicit
                    record key.

         YN.MSG     Prompts for Y/N - needed in some of above routines.

Continued in Utility Diskette # 3 - Part II

(Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 4-6)
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