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QTIPS - Autofilling Default Values

One of the notable features of the dictionary window is the way in which it is possible when adding dictionary items quickly, just to fill in the name, press return and then press F9. The system automatically fills in all fields with default values and continues on to the next item. Identical functionality can be easily provide using the system function DEFAULT (See Vol 1 Issue 8 Page 10). Place the following code on the Pre Save

0001        $insert INCLUDE, WINDOW_COMMON%
0002        declare function default
0003        for X = 1 to WC_W_CNT%
0004         if @RECORD<WC_W%(X)<4>> = "" then
0005          if WC_W%(X)<17> then
0006            @RECORD<WC_W%(X)<4>> = default(WC_W%(X)<17>)
0007          end
0008         end
0009        next

(Volume 3, Issue 4, Page 9)
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