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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_Int_Keys%

A comma delimited list of symbolic prompts numbers that are dependent upon the contents of the current prompt. Normally Int_Keys is loaded by the system when the "Recalculate according to dependence" flag is set in Paint, F10, More, Recalculate.

If it is desired to ensure that certain symbolics on screen are updated after information has been entered into a data prompt, simply load the prompt numbers of the desired symbolics into WC_Int_Keys% (comma delimited). If the "Recalculate according to dependence" flag has been set, no other action needs to be taken and the nominated symbolics will be refreshed. If the default setting has been left it may be necessary to load WC_Rec_Map% and WC_Recalc_Cnt% (see later REVMEDIAs), although it would seem that as long as these variables return boolean true, the contents are not actually important. E.G.

0001        WC_INT_KEYS%       = "9,6"
0002        WC_REC_MAP%        = "hello"
0003        WC_RECALC_CNT%     = 1

Note that WC_Int_Keys% is recalculated for every prompt. If more permanent changes are required, modify WC_Rec_Map%.

(Volume 3, Issue 4, Pages 14,15)
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