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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_Locking_On%

If WC_Locking_On% is not set then no locking will be performed. Otherwise it will be set to one of the following values (dependent upon the locking specified for the window)

        Paint Value   Numeric Equivalent 
            S                13          
            X                 3          
            XC               23          
            SC               43          

Note that these figures almost map onto the codes used to set lock types in the extended lock syntax of WC_LOCK FILE_VAR%, WC_REC_ID%, YX where Y can be 0 to 3 and X can be 0 to 2 (See TB#2 or the 2.0 manuals N4.115). In fact with the exception of SC, the Locking_On codes are equal to the extended syntax minus 1, therefore the programmer could use WC_Locking_On% to set his/her locks as follows

0001           LOCK FILE_VAR, ID, LOCKING_ON - 1

Do note that special allowance would have to be made for SC as the value 43 should be 33. This is in fact a bug which has been present since 1.0 (so it has to be assumed that nobody is using SC, as RTP36 would reject it!). If SC locking is required, reset WC_Locking_On% to 33 within the program then use the logic above.

(Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 15)
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