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QTIPS - Sub-Headings in RLIST (Revisited)

Manuel Luna of R/Sistemas in Mexico suggested the following application of "Aesthetically Improving R/List Reports" (from REVMEDIA Vol 1 Issue 7 Page 11) in conjunction with the query in the July issue about Sub Headings. Make the following dictionary in the VOC file called S_BREAK

0001        TIPO = {F1}
0002        SUBTITULO = ("." : TIPO : ".") "C#40"
0003        CONVERT " ." TO "- " IN SUBTITULO
0004        IF @RECCOUNT = 1 THEN
0005         @USER1<1> = TIPO
0007        END ELSE
0008         IF @USER1<1> # TIPO THEN
0009          @USER1<1> = TIPO
0011         END
0012        END
0013        @ANS = ""

then at TCL type LIST VOC BY F1 F2 F3 F4 S_BREAK.

This works well and is a good application of the increased functionality INIT.VIEW provides.

(Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 11)
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