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To ensure that your documentation is as up to date as possible we continue our occasional series intended to bring previous REVMEDIA articles into line with release 2.1 of AREV. My thanks to all subscribers who have helped by notifying me of bugs or discrepancies.


Page 5   V19 - MAKEFILE is now the DEFINEFILE processor. Remember the
         FIELDS= syntax added with release 2.0 (See I3.17 System Reference).

Page 5   V24 - LIST VOLUMES FILES should be replaced with LIST VOLUMES
         FILE.LIST. (Try LOOKDICT VOLUMES). Note also that the symbolic
         dictionary item FILE.TYPE in the VOLUMES file contains useful
         online documentation in the use of the system function

Page 6   V25 - It would seem that the only modifiers working in 2.1 are
           (A   To include "System" files
           (N   To omit the sort
           (P   To output to printer
         Note that the old forms of LISTFILEs are no longer left on the TCL
         stack so it is no longer instructive to examine the stack to see
         how options are implemented.

Page 6   V27 - Note that the full calling syntax for DICTCOMPILE is
               DICTCOMPILE dict filename keys
         If a select list is active keys may be omitted. To recompile all
         dictionary items in a file use a * in place of keys.

Page 6   V28 - In addition to (S, DELETEFILE also supports (E and (L as per

Page 6   V29 - (N (for suppress page logic) is supported. Note that BLIST
         can be used on symbolic dictionary items, eg BLIST DICT FILES


Page 3   DEPEND.UPDATE - there have been reports from the field that this is
         unreliable in release 2.1.

Page 5   V45 - Note that LOOKDICT will ignore dictionary items beginning
         with % or not having TYPE F S or G. Note further that the output of
         LOOKDICT may be modified by customising the SYS.POPUPS record

Page 5   V47 - Has been removed.

Page 5   V53 - Has been removed

Page 6   V61 - The output of LISTMEDIA may be modified by customising the
         SYS.POPUPS record LISTVOL.

Page 6   V76 - !files are now automatically attached if required for Qfile

Page 7   V77 - (A for display record keys deleted is supported as per

Page 7   V87 - Used by CAPTURE.SUB when capturing screen images using the
         extended Alt-8, Alt-F8 functionality for screen grabbing documented
         in Technical Bulletin #54 by Alan Humphrey.

Page 10  MESSAGE - two extra parameters have been added, so that the calling
         syntax is now
         NB MSG can now be a message ID in the message file. If this is the
         case, PARAMS will be used to fill in %1% etc as with a normal MSG
         call. WIDTH is used to specify a maximum width for a message.

Page 10  DEFAULT - note that to use DEFAULT the program declaring default
         must be a routine including WINDOW_COMMON%. Further, additional
         parameters may need to be loaded. EG for %SK% to work both @DICT
         and WC_SRC_FILE% must be loaded correctly.


Page 4   Context sensitive help. <@POS> now also works for T type popups. In
         addition <@ROW>  returns the current row number within the popup.

Page 4   In place of a list of keys, a select statement may be put into
         field 4 of a popup. This is then executed as a select before the
         popup is displayed. For maximum effect this command should be used
         in conjunction with the NORESOLVE keyword.

Page 4   Dave Mills of the NCC points out "If you pre-tag selections on an
         ordered popup (MULTIPLE = "O"), the selected popup choices will be
         highlighted, but the order column will not be filled in. If you
         subsequently delete a popup choice, or select an additional one,
         the order column will then be recalculated and displayed.".

Page 5   V92 - Used by PUTCONFIGURE routine to update the system
         configuration details.

Page 5   V93 - Used to install optional modules.

Page 5   V94 - Used to prompt for modules to delete

Page 5   V95 - Used to delete optional module

Page 5   V116 - Note that if the file is being redefined onto another
         volume, the source file will not be automatically deleted. For this
         reason the standard command line modifiers (D) (Delete source after
         redefine), (N) (New file inhibit) and O (Overwrite) can be used.

Page 5   V117 - (L) locks the file and prevents other users modifying
         records in the file when it is being dumped, if coordinated locking
         is used.

Page 11  As highlighted by Mike Pope below, @STAT.REC can no longer be used
         to ascertain whether a window is currently active. RevTI are
         currently considering adding a flag to help the developer to check
         this, but in the meantime developers needing this functionality can
         download a routine from Compuserve provided by Pat McNerthney of
         Icicle Software which returns the number of common variables
         active. If there are 135, then WINDOW_COMMON% has been declared and
         a window must be active.


Page 4   Due to a rationalisation of the way in which WC_RESET% works in 2.1
         (see a future REVMEDIA article), WC_RESET% may now be set to any
         value between 2 and 5 to force redisplay of the loaded AMVs.
(Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 4-6)
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