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REVMEDIA Revisited

To ensure that your documentation is as up to date as possible we continue our occasional series intended to bring previous REVMEDIA articles into line with release 2.1 of AREV. My thanks to all subscribers who have helped by notifying me of bugs or discrepancies.

Volume 2 Issue 1

Page 4    The discussion re: indexing needs to be amended to take into
          account the fact that the !INDEXING file is no longer used and
          that the index transaction data is written directly to the
          !datafile. Basically records keyed on an integer are written to
          the !datafile and these are subsequently written out to records
          keyed on the index name and an integer and thence to the index

Page 8    The reference to DATA_RECORD in REORDER: should be to DR

Page 9    An interesting fact to bear in mind when dealing with @variables
          is that the compiler recognises @variables as such when compiling
          and thus takes anything immediately after the @variable (but not
          separated by a semi colon etc) as a formatting command. Due to
          this it has been incorrectly suggested that certain @variables
          exist when they in fact do not. A case in point would be @FMC.

          If a program were written saying simply PRINT @FMC then it would
          compile. However if it were subsequently run, it would fall over
          with an RTP19 error. This is because the compiler recognises the
          @FM and assumes that the following C must be an implicit
          formatting command. It therefore calls RTP19 passing it C which
          has not been assigned. The veracity of this may be simply tested
          by the following

              C = "R(0)#10"
              print @FMC

          @ATTRBT should be spelt @ATRBT

          @ATTRBT.PTR should be spelt @ATRBT.PTR

          Any occurrence of ? is now left alone in COLORS.TABLE but any
          occurrence of ! is replaced with a CHAR(127). Thus a colour
          definition might be C!1 on file but would be stored in @ATRBT as
          CHAR(27) : "C" : CHAR(127) : "1".

Page 11   The full structure of the @CURSORS dimensioned array is described
          in the INCLUDE record SELECT.CONSTANTS on lines 78 through 92.
          This complements the existing documentation.

          As of 2.1 it is still necessary to remove stopped words from
          lookups before calling BTREE.EXTRACT.
(Volume 3, Issue 7, Page 4)
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