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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_Related_Data%

A dynamic array describing the relations between this window and others. Each field of the array corresponds to one relation, and each relation has up to nine values.

         < X, 1 >    Keystroke name (AF1 etc.)
         < X, 2 >    Related template name
         < X, 3 >    Optional template file name
         < X, 4 >    Dictionary name((s) asterisk delimited) of the fields
                     acting as key to the related file. Note that if a
                     single field is used as key, the field number may be
                     used in place of the field name.
         < X, 5 >    Pre window code
         < X, 6 >    Pre window command
         < X, 7 >    Post window code
         < X, 8 >    Post window command
         < X, 9 >    Count of intersections or the literal "None".
(Volume 3, Issue 8, Page 13)
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