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AREV Comes to Czechoslovakia Les Palenik, Cosmotron Systems

In late November 1991, I spent a week in Czechoslovakia doing a promotional tour for Advanced Revelation. The promotion was organised by CS-Compex, a medium sized software firm that distributes AREV in Czechoslovakia. David Inbar from RevTI in New York provided us kindly with promotional materials and spiritual support. It was a busy and interesting week, we spoke to hundreds of people in Prague, Brno and Bratislava, and even managed to present a demonstration at SOFSEM, the premier software seminar, which was held in the lovely Tatra Mountains.

Coincidentally, another international speaker at the seminar was Hugh Robinson of Open University in Milton Keynes, who talked about data normalisation. AREV's data structure and ability to implement complex relationships lends itself very well to this concept. I could imagine an interesting talk on practical examples of data normalisation in the AREV environment.

Czechoslovakia's Federal Assembly just received financial and management aid from American Congress and part of this package was also hardware and software, amongst it several AREV applications which were designed in the White House. Their people had just returned from AREV training in the UK and are all eager to get started in AREV.

It was a successful trip. AREV got a good start in a new country, a new AREV user group is being formed there and we at Cosmotron have scheduled several joint AREV projects with our partners to keep up the momentum and spread the gospel.

Les Palenik can be contacted on 416 886 5830 (voice), 731 4276 (Fax)

(Volume 3, Issue 8, Page 7)
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