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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_Scribe_Flags%

A field mark delimited array having 13 values. Whilst initially loaded by the system, all values can be overridden at the preprompt process.

         < 1 >  Text and scan codes to be executed before the user types
                anything. Note that this data does not need to be delimited
                with "|"s. When entering a prompt, information will be taken
                first from this variable, then @Data then @Playback then the
         < 2 >  If true, text is not initially displayed. Used for speed if
                the text has already been displayed.
         < 3 >  True - uppercase conversion
         < 4 >  Text used in border title when in Zoom mode or when editing
                using Ctrl-E.
         < 5 >  True means start editing in insert mode, false means start
                editing in overtype mode.
         < 6 >  Indicates that Scribe ought to not repaint the current line
                (0), repaint the current line (1), or repaint the
                screen (2).
         < 7 >  Set to 1 to suppress Ctrl-E functionality. This has the same
                effect as setting WC_Delim% to null.
         < 8 >  Set to true tells Scribe to keep WC_Scribe_State% up to
         < 9 >  Set to 1 to suppress Zoom functionality.
         < 10 > Set to 0, saves original value of prompt in WC_Scribe_State%
         < 11 > Set to 1 indicates recursive call to Scribe.
         < 12 > Set to 1 preserves status line until key pressed.
         < 13 > The entry here is printed at the current prompt position
                when a key is pressed.
(Volume 3, Issue 8, Page 15)
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