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QTIPS - Suppressing Initial Form Feed

When developing routines which use the HEADING statement and print to the printer, the omnipresent initial form feed can become a nuisance. As Dave Harmacek of Harmacek Database Solutions Inc points out, the verb responsible for RUN recognises and sets command line options. Thus RUN BP MY_PROG (PE) would actually suppress this initial form feed.

There are times when this might not be appropriate (such as in a subroutine that actually does the printing), thus a method to achieve the same functionality without the command line options is presented below. Note that it makes use of V6 - the SET-OPTIONS verb, and that SET- OPTIONS displays an informational message. This is probably not desirable in this case, so the message should be modified to make it an N type message by editing SYS.MESSAGES V6.1 and setting field 1 to N not A.

0001       /*
0002        Author   AMcA
0003        Date     Jan 12th 1992
0004        Purpose  To prevent initial form feed when using heading with printer
0005       */
0006        Printer On
0007        @Sentence = ". (PE"
0008        Call V6
0010        heading "Hello There"
0011        for t = 1 to 120
0012         print "Watch this"
0013        Next
0014        heading ""
0015        printer off
0017        * Now reset options to null or normal settings
0018        @Sentence = ". ()"
0019        Call V6

(Volume 3, Issue 8, Page 8)
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