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QTIPS - Using RTP29 In Place of V6

Frank De Palo of Advanced General Systems in Australia writes as follows :- "In your last issue you suggested using SET-OPTIONS to suppress the first form feed. A better way to do this is to call RTP29("","E"). This sets up the relevant system settings without displaying the SET-OPTIONS message."

Whilst it has not proved possible to duplicate this behaviour under 2.11, Frank's suggestion made it possible to work out the following syntax which does work with 2.11 and as Frank points out, eliminates the need to change the V6.1 message.

0001        FLAG = ""
0002        PRINTER ON
0003        CALL RTP29("(PE)",FLAG,1)
0004        HEADING "TESTER HE "
0005        FOR C = 1 TO 70
0006         PRINT C
0007        NEXT
0008        HEADING ""
0009        PRINTER OFF

Note that the P must be included in the PE or the E fails to work.

(Volume 3, Issue 9, Page 4)
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