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Deep Zoom Revisited

Thanks to Les Palenik of Cosmotron Systems Ltd. for pointing out a useful and aesthetic technique to eliminate redundant softkeys (see last issue). Les stated that the only limitation of his routine was that it required the user to be positioned in the actual prompt before pressing SF3 rather than having it available throughout the window as a normal softkey. To overcome this limitation, I've extended the code to that shown below (as always, source will be available on the next utility diskette if you can wait that long.) In addition, I've corrected a slight oversight in the original code which would have led to errors if Deep Zoom was used on multivalued data (note the convert statement near the end!).

If the user is NOT in a Deep Zoom prompt, then an anchored popup is displayed showing all of the associated windows available. It establishes this information by scanning the WC_W% array looking for information in prompt register 1. (The original code used WC_Prompts%, but the dimensioned array used here gives faster results in the loop.) The user can then access the window(s) of their choice.

The format of the information stored in the prompt register has also been enhanced; it should now be in the form WindowName, (Description), (NullSuppress) (although the code is backward compatible for any existing windows!) WindowName functions exactly as before. Description should contain brief text about the related window for inclusion in the popup (CUST_REL_INV might not mean anything to the average user!). Finally, the optional parameter NullSuppress, if set to true, tells the routine NOT to present the related window if there is no data in the relevant column of the current row.

It is also now possible to include the routine on a macro keystroke (ideally Alt-3) as well as/instead of the previously recommended SF3 softkey. This is made possible by a simple check on @Tutor (see RevMedia passim) but note that if the user has access to system windows which use register 1 for other nefarious purposes, then a more rigorous check might be required later in the program.

0001    Subroutine DeepZoom
0002    /*
0003      Author   Cameron Christie (Sprezzatura Ltd)
0004      Date     April 1993
0005      Purpose  To provide alternate deep zoom functionality
0007      Acknowledgements to Les Palenik (Cosmotron Systems Ltd)
0008    */
0010    * Add check to permit macro operation.
0012      If @Tutor[-6,6] # "WINDOW" Then Return
0013      $Insert SysInclude,Window_Common%
0015      Declare Subroutine Msg,Catalyst,Video.Rw
0016      Declare Function Pop.Up
0018      WindowDetails = WC_W%(WC_Wi%)<47>
0019      WindowName = Field(WindowDetails,",",1)
0021      If WindowName Then
0022       * We are in a prompt with a related window.
0023       NullSuppress = Field(WindowDetails,",",3)
0024       RelatedKeys = WC_Is%
0025       Gosub CallWindow
0026      End Else
0027       * Scan the W% array for ALL applicable related windows.
0028       Row = @Record
0029       Row<WC_Si%<4>,WC_Mv%> = WC_Is%
0030       Disp = ""
0031       RelatedData = ""
0032       For I = 1 To WC_W_Cnt%
0033        WindowDetails = WC_W%(I)<47>
0034        If WindowDetails Then
0035         WindowName = Field(WindowDetails,",",1)
0036         Description = Field(WindowDetails,",",2)
0037         NullSuppress = Field(WindowDetails,",",3)
0038         RelatedKeys = Row<WC_W%(I)<4>>
0039         If RelatedKeys OR Not(NullSuppress) Then
0040           If Description Else Description = WindowName
0041           Disp := Description: @Vm :WindowName : @Fm
0042           RelatedData := RelatedKeys : @Fm
0043         End
0044        End
0045       Next I
0046       If Disp Then
0047        Disp[-1,1] = ""
0048        NullSuppress = 0 ;  * Null checks have already been applied!
0049        Gosub SelectWindow
0050       End Else
0051        Msg("|No related windows to zoom to!|")
0052       End
0053      End
0054    Return
0056    SelectWindow:
0057      F = "1:30:L::"
0058      T = "|Please select related window|"
0059      C = ""
0060      T2 = "P" : @Svm : 1
0061      Video.Rw(0,0,@CrtWide-1,@CrtMaxHigh-1,"R",Image)
0062      Loop
0063       Choice= Pop.Up(2,2,"",Disp,F,"R",0,T,"","",C,T2)
0064      While Choice
0065       WindowName = Disp<Choice,2>
0066       RelatedKeys = RelatedData<Choice>
0067       Gosub CallWindow
0068      Repeat
0069      Video.Rw(0,0,@CrtWide-1,@CrtMaxHigh-1,"W",Image)
0070    Return
0072    CallWindow:
0073      If RelatedKeys OR Not(NullSuppress) Then
0074       Convert @Vm To " " In RelatedKeys
0075       Catalyst("W",WindowName:" ":RelatedKeys)
0076      End Else
0077       Msg("|No data in this column to zoom!|")
0078      End
0079    Return

(Volume 4, Issue 10, Pages 13-15)
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