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Reader's Clinic - ReEnable TCL from Debugger

Tony Preston of Preston Microsolutions recently asked "How do I reenable TCL from the debugger if I have previously disabled it using the environment setting?".

This can be a problem for developers on Client's site, needing to fix a problem but finding themselves trapped by the disabling of TCL and the prevention of Macro creation. Fortunately, the new debugger "V" functionality makes this easier. At the ! prompt simply type in


and press return.

The @Environ.Set variable will now be displayed in an edit window. Just go to line 38 and set it to 1 - "Enable TCL" then press F9 to save. You will now be able to invoke TCL by typing X as per normal.

The only way to prevent this is to replace the system version of RTP25 with your own.

(Volume 4, Issue 10, Page 7)
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