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Utility Diskette # 4

Firstly a big thank you to the subscribers who made this possible. We really appreciate your efforts. This year's diskette is bigger and better than ever before and to assist with organisation we have split it into three sections, as follows

     \PATCHES     Patches to various programs
     \PRODUCTS    Third party software, either demonstration versions or
     \REVMEDIA    Collection of files and programs making up the freeware
                  section of the diskette.

File descriptions follow

  \PATCHES\ICICLE   Contains a fix to permit Icicle Software's product to
                    run on AREV 2.1+
  \PATCHES\NOVELL   Contains the latest Novell 3.11 patches including the
                    FATFIX patch which fixes a problem where there can be
                    intermittent GFEs on a Novell network.
  \PATCHES\REVTI    Contains a patch to AREV 2.12 fixing a non-numeric
                    locate by descending bug.

  \PRODUCTS\BCS     A tool kit of developer utilities including software to
                    install software on client's site. Larry Kushner
  \PRODUCTS\DEMO    "Dan Bricklin" style AREV demo software. Can be replayed
                    within AREV (for on-line help) or from DOS (for demo
                    diskettes). Tony Preston
  \PRODUCTS\HORSE   A horse racing game for AREV. Jim Owen
  \PRODUCTS\PXDEMO  Modification tracking software, reviewed this issue.
                    Dave Harmacek
  \PRODUCTS\RSAVER  Screen savers for AREV. Jim Owen
  \PRODUCTS\SPINDEX Complete working Spindex system. Expires October.
                    San Esterhuizen
  \PRODUCTS\WDS     A tool kit of developer utilities including some very
                    good assembler screen handling routines. Bill Wolff


Contains several supporting files including INDEX, the index distributed with issue 2 on diskette. The major programs contained are as follows :-

          $APRO     Assembler routine to profile AREV applications. Permits
                    accurate measurement of time spent in various routines.
                    See record AREV_PROFILER for documentation.
                    Pat McNerthney
      $EMMSTATS     Assembler routine to return EMM statistics. Test using
                    TEST.EMMSTATS. Pat McNerthney
     $ENCRYPTER     Object code only routine to encrypt information used by
     $LOAD_USER     Object code only routine to change video and environment
                    settings. See documentation in LOAD_USER.
                    Andrew P McAuley
       $NORMVID     Assembler routine to reset video screen after using
                    BANNER. See NORMVID.ASM for docs. J Parr
           3OF9     User defined conversion to provide the bitstream
                    required for 3 of 9 barcodes. Paul Marfia
 ACCOUNT_SET_UP     Used when first setting up a new account. The system
                    creates directories and then moves the relevant program
                    files to the new directory before deleting the old
                    files. Anthony W Marler
   APP_VOC_LIST     Returns @fm delimited list of voc items in current
                    account voc file that are not included in
                    NEW.ACCOUNT.VOC.LIST.  The list will be VOC items
                    created specifically for this account. Stan Spotts
    AUTOREAD.ME     Documentation relating to the following records -
                    AUTODOC, ST.LINE, MSYS.POP, BOX, AST, HEXER. This
                    collection of records is used to provide documentation
                    about the various calls etc employed by a program.
                    Peter Monit
       BART_DOC     Documents the use of BART_OPEN and BART_SUB, two
                    routines designed to provide an efficient and flexible
                    method of transfering data between PC sites which
                    overcomes the practical problems and difficulties of
                    other formats such as ASCII CDF, LinkHash, etc.
                    Richard JB Guise
          BASIC     Routine to automatically compile program and transfer
                    object into another file. Installed by INSTALL.BASIC
                    Patrick Collins
   BUILD.BANNER     Simple but effective routine to build replacement
                    REVLOMSG. See BANNER for example of usage.
                    Patrick Collins
           CALC     Programmer's calculator. Mitch Howard
       CALENDAR     Popup calendar. Mitch Howard
  CLEAN.ACCOUNT     Finds orphan files in Revmedia map (pointers with no DOS
                    entries, and DOS entries with no Revmedia entry).
                    Verifies VOLUME and CATALOG entries in VOC.
                    Warren D Auyong
        COMMAND     TCL Command to carry out carry out CODE, COMMAND.
                    Tony Preston
   CREATE.BTREE     Example code to add a Btree from R/Basic. Mike Pope
CREATE.RELATIONAL   Example code to add a elational index from R/Basic.
                    Mike Pope
    CREATE.XREF     Example code to add an Xref from R/Basic. Mike Pope
   CREATE_INDEX     Command to create indexes from TCL. Supported by
                    CREATE_INDEX_SUB. Mike Pope
      CROSS_REF     Routine to maintain cross reference indexes from a
                    template or R/Basic program. Mitch Howard
    CTRLBRK.ASM     Assembler source for a routine to disable the Ctrl Break
                    key. Object code in CTRLBRK.REV, documentation in
                    CTRL_BREAK_README. Pat McNerthney
       DICTCOPY     Process to copy dictionaries while stripping their
                    indexing information (but retaining it in a control
                    record). Calls the subroutine DICT_COPY_SUB. Mike Pope
       DICTLIST     Dictionary listing utility. Peter B Giblett
            DOC     Produces simple screen documentation from templates
                    file. Redirect to file and edit. Andrew P McAuley
       EDIT.SUB     Edit the subroutine at the current cursor position.
                    Larry  E Dobson
  EDIT_REVLOMSG     A comprehensive REVLOMSG editor. Also uses
                    COLLECTOR_SUB. Larry E Dobson
FETCH_FILE_HANDLE   Returns file handle for ANY file regardless of
                    account/password. Stan Spotts
 FETCH_REVMEDIA     Returns file handle for REVMEDIA map of given volume.
                    Stan Spotts
       FIND.SUB     Searches program for subroutine named at current cursor position.
                    Larry E Dobson
    FIND_DEBUGS     Find object code with DEBUG statements left in.
                    Larry Coon
         FORMAT     A routine to format source code  la BLIST.
                    Patrick Collins
        GAS_BOX     Adapted from GAS_BAR to display progress in box on
                    screen. Patrick Collins
      GET_VIDEO     Function used to return a video escape sequence or
                    single byte video attribute which can then be used by
                    another program to control the display attributes of any
                    data on screen. Dr David J L Mills
         IFLIST     Program to check at TCL for an active select list.
                    Useful in batch commands.  D A Blakeley
  INDEX.REBUILD     Program to rebuild nominated index. Uses
                    INDEX.REBUILD.SUB Mike Pope
   INDEX.TOGGLE     A shell program for Index_Toggle, designed to make the
                    routine more intelligent. Clifton R. Peterson
    INSTALL_MFS     Puts an MFS on a file from a non-SYSPROG account.
                    Mitch Howard
      IN_WINDOW     Routine to detect if in a window. Patrick Collins.
        ISELECT     General routine to search indexed fields and return a
                    list of record keys as an active select list. Mike Pope
    ISSUE_EIGHT     Code from REVMEDIA Vol 3 Issue 8
     ISSUE_FIVE     Code from REVMEDIA Vol 3 Issue 5
     ISSUE_FOUR     Code from REVMEDIA Vol 3 Issue 4
     ISSUE_NINE     Code from REVMEDIA Vol 3 Issue 9
      ISSUE_ONE     Code from REVMEDIA Vol 3 Issue 1
    ISSUE_SEVEN     Code from REVMEDIA Vol 3 Issue 7
      ISSUE_TEN     Code from REVMEDIA Vol 3 Issue 10
    ISSUE_THREE     Code from REVMEDIA Vol 3 Issue 3
      ISSUE_TWO     Code from REVMEDIA Vol 3 Issue 2
       LH_STATS     Documentation for LH_STATS file
     LIST_INDEX     This routine will print out all indexed files and fields
                    that are currently attached. Mike Ruane
 LIST_INDEX_SUB     Returns information about what indexes are available on
                    a particular file. Mike Pope
      LOAD_USER     Loads video and environment for nominated users.
                    Andrew P McAuley
    MAKE_SCHEMA     SQL Server utility. Give it the name of an SQL database
                    and it will create SQL scripts that actually created the
                    database in the first place. Stefan Gilboy
      MAKE_USER     Add a user to an account from a non-Sysprog account.
                    Stan Spotts
       MENU.PRO     Menu Profiler to be added as softkey to MakeMenu command
                    window to permit printing of menu details.
                    Richard G. Guise
           MEQU     Program to create and maintain a record of application
                    datafile dictionary equates. Jim Poe
          MMENU     Program to paint menu from TCL. Tony Preston
         MMERGE     Program to edit merge from TCL. Tony Preston
      NEW_BLIST     Improved BList routine. Stephen Thomas
    NORMVID.ASM     Assembler routine used to reset screen to 80x25 mode.
                    See TEXTMODE.BP. John Parr
   NOVELL_WINUS     Replacement menu driver for AREV. Provides appearance
                    and functionality of the Novell menu driver.
                    Cameron Christie
      PAINT.SUB     Invokes paint on the template at the current cursor
                    position. Larry E Dobson
     PARSE.APRO     Used to format output of APRO. Pat McNerthney
          PAUSE     Echoes a message to the screen during a TCL batch job.
                    Tony Preston
      PAUSE.ESC     As above but with the option of escaping. Tony Preston
      POPUP_PRO     Popup Profiler to be added as softkey to MakePop command
                    window to permit printing of Popup Details.
                    Richard Guise
           PPOP     Program to design popup from TCL. Tony Preston
REMOVE_INDEX_SUB    Manually removes index from file without using
                    MAKE.INDEX. Mike Pope
     REMOVE_MFS     Removes an MFS from a file in a non-Sysprog account.
                    Mitch Howard
 RENAME-ACCOUNT     Changes the account of all files on an volume, including
                    that of indexed files. Mike Pope
  RENAME-VOLUME     Renames a volume to a specified name and updates all
                    index definitions accordingly. Mike Pope
         RINDEX     Looks at the word at the current cursor position and
                    then looks it up in the REVMEDIA Vol 1-3 index (supplied
                    on the utility diskette) and shows occurrences of that
                    word. Cameron Christie
         SCREEN     Used to display images created by EDIT.REVLOMSG.
                    Larry E Dobson
         SEARCH     Searches a file for occurrences of text. Michael Stoute
          SNAKE     Used to demonstrate SNAKE.SUB. David A Kirk
      SNAKE.SUB     Takes nominated text, blanks the screen and walks the
                    text around the screen like a snake. David A Kirk
         SNAPIT     Takes a snapshot of the screen, or portion of the
                    screen, and writes it to file. Mitch Howard
        SNOOPER     Used to list data from a file in both internal and
                    external format using the dictionary defined
                    conversions. Michael E Nourse
             SS     Saves source records as ASCII files. G. Curtis Putnam
         STATUP     Installed by INSTALL.STATUP. Complete STATUP
                    replacement, uses just a single line in place of the
                    three line AREV ststaus line. Uses STARTUP.MSG.
                    David Rosenthal
           SWAP     Used to reduce source code size by swapping out
                    variable names for smaller ones before compiling. See
                    REVMEDIA Vol 4 Issue 4. Blaise Wrenn
      TEST.APRO     Used to demonstrate use of APRO. Pat McNerthney
  TEST.EMMSTATS     Used to demonstrate use of EMMSTATS. Pat McNerthney
           TREE     Builds application Call/Called By hierarchy and stores
                    to disk. G. Curtis Putnam
       UTLP0006     Opens a set of files at one time. Bennett M Reddin
UTLP0006.SAMPLE     Demonstrates use of above. Bennett M Reddin
       UTLP0205     Displays modified gas bar on status line.
                    Bennett M Reddin
       WDOC.PRO     Summary documentation of Windows. Richard Guise
WINDOW_UTILITIES    Comprehensive set of utilities to enable windows to be
                    completely menu driven instead of function key driven.
                    Dr David J L Mills
      XREF_PROG     Program to produce cross reference listing of R/BASIC
                    programs.  Blaise Wrenn

Scroll of Honour

A listing of all of the people who contributed to this diskette with their company name (when known) at the time of contribution. In alphabetical order, with names as provided in the source code.

Andrew P McAuley, Sprezzatura Bennett M Reddin, The Hunter Group Bill Wolff, Wolff Data Systems Blaise Wrenn, LexStat Systems Cameron Christie, Sprezzatura Clifton R. Peterson, D A Blakeley, Preston Microsolutions Dave Harmacek, Harmack Database Systems David A Kirk, K-Tek David Rosenthal, Data Counsel Dr David J L Mills, The Nature Conservancy Council G. Curtis Putnam, The Printer's Electronic Shopper Jim Owen, Owen Software Jim Poe, Adobe Mountain Systems John Parr, Progressive Computer Solutions Larry Coon, University of California Larry E Dobson, Larry Kushner, Break Communication Systems Michael E Nourse, JM2 Michael Stoute, RevPlus Mike Pope, Revelation Technologies Mike Ruane, Phoenix Solutions Mitch Howard, Vitek Systems Distribution Pat McNerthney, Icicle Software Patrick Collins, Softsolve Computer Systems Paul Marfia, Personal Computer Methods Peter B Giblett, The Open Door Consultancy Peter Monit, Ridgeway Management Services Richard Guise, Consulting Support Services San Esterhuizen, Search Technologies Stan Spotts, Wolff Data Systems Stefan Gilboy, Resolution SQL Stephen Thomas, Dunbar & Co Tony Marler, Prosolve Business Computers Tony Preston, Preston Microsolutions Warren D Auyong, Athena Data Services

(Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 11-15)
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