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QTIPS - Modifying EasyWriter To Display Field Descriptions

Clifton Peterson has been playing with the source code provided with 2.12 and comments - "It is fairly common that users don't know exactly what a dictionary field is used for and can't figure it out from the name. It is not too difficult to modify the code and popups in EW to include the dictionary item description. One sample of a place to put this code is when adding fields to display. Other places will be similar and the EW code is written so that the functions can be recognised.

For the Add Display Fields Popup: Change

     Col from 47 to 0
     Add a 2nd field, width = 46, Just = L

Insert the following lines in EW.MAIN at line 262

0001       Swap @Vm With @Fm In Plist  ; * Existing code
0002       DList = Xlate(DICT." : RFILE, PList, 14, "X")
     For X = 1 To Count(PList, @Fm) + (PList#"
          PList<X,2> = DList<X>
     Read PopRec From Sys.Popups, CBranch Then.... ; * Existing code"

(Volume 4, Issue 4, Page 4)
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