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QTIPS - Using AMV.ACTION To Save Coding Time

Tony Marler of Prosolve Business Computers EMails with 2 time saving tips based on WC_AMV_ACTION%.

"After any AMV master field, if the field is blanked by the operator the system will leave the rest of the AMV group items on screen and in @Record. By checking IS on the post prompt the associated fields can be cleaned out quickly without having to press Ctrl-D.

0001       If Len(WC_IS%) = 0 Then
0002            WC_AMV_ACTION% = 2
0003       End

This can be taken a stage further for single valued prompts which are related in some way (E.G. Spouse Name, Address and DOB). By using PAINT to indicate that each prompt is a single lined multivalue with a depth of one, and then Grouping the fields to the same group number, all associated prompts may be deleted when one of the others is cleared".

(Volume 4, Issue 4, Page 5)
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