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Uncommon Knowledge - WC_WLX% WC_WLY% WC_WRX% WC_WRY%

        following) are normally only amendable at either pre initialisation
        directly in @Record, or in post initialisation. After this the
        contents are not normally checked again, unless the user toggles
        into table mode.

        If it is required to change this, or any of the following values on
        the fly, the only way to do it seems to be to use the fact that it
        is checked when toggling into table mode, that is, set the new
        WC_WLX% value, and set WC_Window_Action% and the appropriate
        WC_Reset% value. Note though that as it is not desired to actually
        toggle the window mode, the value of WC_Table_On% should be toggled

        Subroutine Change_WLX
        * Designed for use on a softkey
          WC_Wlx% = 25 ; * Set to whatever
          WC_Table_On% = Not(WC_Table_On%)
          WC_Window_Action% = 1
          WC_Reset% = 2

WC_WLY%   The top border position (see above).

WC_WRX%   The right border position (see above).

WC_WRY%   The bottom border position (see above).
(Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 13,14)
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