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Version 3 Technical Highlights - Aliasing Tables Programmatically

SetAlias_Sub To SetAlias tables programmatically the subroutine SetAlias_Sub has been added. This routine takes six parameters, identical to the corresponding TCL command as follows - SetAlias_Sub( Location , Account , Password , Table , NewTable , Options) where

Location The location of the table being SetAliased to.

Account The account the table being SetAliased to resides in. Note that if it is not in the same account or the global account, or the current account is not SysProg, a password will be required if the account is password protected.

Password Password of the account being SetAliased to.

Table Name of the table being SetAliased to.

NewTable Name of the table to act as alias for the table being SetAliased to. Note that if this is left blank the aliased table will be SysAlias NOT QFILE.

Options The only options supported are those described in the AREV 3.0 reference for SETALIAS the TCL verb.

(Volume 4, Issue 6, Page 11)
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