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Version 3 Technical Highlights - Highlight

A slightly confusingly named function that takes a passed escape sequence and an on/off flag and returns the blinking/non-blinking version of the escape sequence accordingly. It can thus be used to "unblink" a blinking escape sequence to ensure easier to read display or to "blink" an unblinking escape sequence. To illustrate usage try the small code fragment below:

0001    Declare Function HighLight
0002    Equ Off$ To 0
0003    Equ On$  To 1
0004    NonBlink = \1B\ : "C1N"
0005    Blink    = \1B\ : "C9N"
0006    Print NonBlink : "NonBlink Normal"
0007    Print Blink : "Blink Normal"
0008    Print Highlight(NonBlink, Off$) : "NonBlink Off"
0009    Print Highlight(NonBlink, On$)  : "NonBlink On"
0010    Print Highlight(Blink, Off$) : "Blink Off"
0011    Print Highlight(Blink, On$) : "Blink On"
0012    Call Input.Char(X)

(Volume 4, Issue 6, Page 8)
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