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Version 3 TCL Subroutines - Creating Tables


To create tables programmatically the subroutine MakeTable_Sub has been added. This takes five parameters as follows -

   MakeTableSub(Location, TableName, V3, V4, AttachFlag) where

    Location   The location of the table being created
   TableName   The name of the table being created. If a new account is
               required append *Account name onto the table name.
       V3/V4   Unsure at time of going to press
  AttachFlag   Whether the table ought to be attached after creation, true
               or false.

If the creation fails then @File.Error will be loaded with the reasons for error @RM delimited along with accompanying information for insertion into the message. Errors likely to be encountered are

        S140   Not allowed by this version of AREV
        S141   Missing parameter
        W506   Unable to create table
(Volume 4, Issue 7, Page 7)
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