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RevTi Just Wanna Have Fun

Following on from disclosures in the last issue about messages in BROWSETABLE it is with pleasure that we are able to report a successful conclusion to the quest for "fun" messages in Paint.

Whilst in Paint, click with the mouse first at the top left of the screen area, then at the top right, then at the bottom right and finally at the bottom left and leave the mouse where it is. That is, don't move it after the final click. The screen will now start to flash whilst crediting the design team and support staff at Bellevue.

Thanks also to Larry Coon for pointing out the following,

"Interesting stuff about the alt-right shift-mouse click. The hint about paint piqued my interest, so I took a look and though I didn't find any obvious "secret message" routines, I -DID- notice that when you invoke various windows from within Paint, @Sentence is changed as follows (depending upon the window called obviously) :-"

     Lori_B         PALETTE
     Bob_M          PROCESS.WINDOW
     Bob_H          WINDOW.SECURITY
     Alan_H         PAINTREGISTERS
     Jed_D          COLLECTOR
     Ed_M           MAKEFORM.PARMS
     Ed_F           CUSTOMIZE
     Mike_B         PAINTCOLORS
     Mike_P         RELATIONS
     Scott_J        SOFTKEYS.
(Volume 4, Issue 8, Page 5)
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