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QTIPS - EasyWriter

Mike Bishop asks "How do I make use of the EasyWriter front end to allow my users to construct select statements for me to use within my program?".

A little used feature of EasyWriter is the ability to preload a select statement or list statement for EW to use as the initial command to work off. Placing the select statement into @Pseudo and then calling EW directly will result in the contents of @Pseudo being analysed as a Select/List statement and placed in the EW window. When the user escapes from the EW screens any select list generated will be returned as an active select list to the calling program. E.G.

0001    @Pseudo = "SELECT VOC"
0002    Call EW ; * The user can now modify the select
0003    If @List.Active Then
0004      Perform "LIST VOC F1 F2 F3 F4"
0005    End

(Volume 4, Issue 8, Page 10)
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