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QTIPS - Winus

David Mills of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee writes as follows. "Mike Nourse passed on a tip in V3I6P7 for calling menus without an action bar. The fourth parameter passed to Winus is in fact a dynamic array. Hence

0001    MenuLevel = 1
0002    MenuLevel<2,1> = 27
0003    MenuLevel<2,2> = 4
0004    Call Winus(MenuName, "", "", MenuLevel, "")

will place a pulldown menu at 27,4 on the screen. This only works for PULLDOWN menus, so check @Environ.Set<82> = "PULLDOWN" before using the above.

MenuLevel is in fact a dynamic array of 10 fields, but I am unable to work out the use of the other fields."

(Volume 4, Issue 8, Page 11)
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