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QTIPS - Calling an Action Bar from a Pulldown Menu

Dave Mills continues "This can be easily accomplished. Cascading pulldown menus are achieved by AREV by recursive calls to Pulldown_Winus. Pulldown_winus only recognises a code of "M" for this, all other calls are passed to Catalyst. The following calls all result in the display of an Action Bar menu.

     Code      Command
     MP        MenuName
     X         RunMenu MenuName
     M;M       Menu1;Menu2
     S;M       Subroutine;MenuName

MP is least messy. The P modifier only suspends playback of captured keystrokes."

Editor's note - As Dave points out, ANY code other than M is passed to Catalyst, thus any modifier may be used. If you don't want to suspend playback then use a ! or similar character which will just be ignored.

The additional values of the MenuLevel dynamic array in 3.0 are as follows

     < 1 >     Menu level

     < 2, 1 >  Xpos

     < 2, 2 >  Ypos

     < 3 >     When in the first level of Pulldown from an action bar it is
               possible to arrow left and right and move between menus
               without returning to the action bar. This field is set to
               either the scan code for cursor right or the scan code for
               cursor left so that the calling program can know which way
               the user has opted to move. If you are calling Pulldown_Winus
               directly (or you have shelled it) you can take advantage of
               this information.

     < 4 >     Only seems to be set to true when < 3 > is set.

     < 5 >     The X position of the previous menu.

     < 6 >     INRECT location string (see REVMEDIA passim) which on entry
               to Pulldown_Winus contains the location of the previous
               pulldown menu along with a string of 0,0,0,0 coordinates for
               each subsequent menu level.

     < 7 >     INRECT location string for the menu line just selected.

     < 8 >     Not used

     < 9 >     Not used

     < 10 >    Unable to determine.
(Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 11,12)
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