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Redisplaying Multi-Values

A confusing feature of AREV is knowing which WINDOW_COMMON% variables to use where. Several people have asked how they can load a set of associated multivalues from an option key on a field and have the system recognise the fact that the multivalues have been loaded.

For example, we might want to press F2, load up a set of booking information (artiste, date and time) dependant on the F2 response and then return to the screen and individually amend these items. Simply plugging the information into @RECORD does not work. The data is there but the status line tells you that you are on Amv 1/0.

To achieve this, it is necessary to tell the system to redisplay @RECORD (WC_DISPLAY_ACTION% = 5), to recalculate the current prompt (WC_RESET% = 4), that the AMV values have been changed (WC_AMV_ACTION% = 5) and how many rows deep the AMV now is (WC_AMV_VARS%<0,3> = counter). Eg

0001            *
0002            *    This code is on an F2 key.  The user has been prompted
0003            *    for whether or not to load a parameter table into the
0004            *    current record.  The parameter table is a set of
0005            *    associated MVs in PARAM and it has to go into @RECORD<2-4>
0006            *
0007            IF USER.RESP = "Y" THEN
0008                 FOR X = 1 TO MVS.TO.LOAD
0009                      @RECORD<2,-1> = PARAM<1,X>
0010                      @RECORD<3,-1> = PARAM<2,X>
0011                      @RECORD<4,-1> = PARAM<3,X>
0012                 NEXT
0013                 *
0014                 *    Now toggle WINDOW_COMMON% variables (inserted at
0015                 *    beginning)
0016                 *
0017                 WC_DISPLAY_ACTION% = 5
0018                 WC_AMV_ACTION% = 5
0019                 WC_AMV_VARS%<0,3> = MVS.TO.LOAD
0020                 WC_RESET% = 4
0021            END

(Volume 1, Issue 10, Page 4)
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