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Reader's Clinic - Dynamic Screen Display

Mr A. Gordon of St. Helier writes - "How do I get AREV to display a screen dynamically like the DICT window depending on the contents of a record?

This is actually a lot easier than may at first seem. When you look at the prompts in a screen they are numbered sequentially internally, so that Alt-A in PAINT would show you the key as prompt 2 etc. To tell the system to display a screen with specific prompts you need to load the numbers of the prompts into an @FM delimited variable called WC_Redisplay_List% and set WC_Display_Action% to 7 to tell the system to redisplay all. This can be done on a post-prompt or a post read.

Thus on a post prompt we could check if invoices were present and if they were, include the field showing invoices, but if they were not omit this field. E.G. if Key was prompt 1, name 2 and invoices 3

0001  If {INVOICES} Then
0002        WC_Redisplay_List% = 1:@FM:2:@FM:3
0003        WC_Display_Action% = 7
0004  End Else
0005        WC_Redisplay_List% = 1 :@FM : 2
0006        WC_Display_Action% = 7
0007  End

(Volume 1, Issue 2, Page 3)
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